Riding In Warm Weather

Riding In Warm Weather

Aug 19th 2021

The summer heat is here! Here are some tips and tricks to help you and your horse enjoy summer safely.

  • Wear light colored clothes to help stay cool. Darker colored clothing items can absorb and attract more wavelengths making the clothing warmer to wear. Light colored clothes and light fabric/material can make you feel much cooler on warm summer days.
  • Use a ventilated helmet to prevent overheating. Helmets with ventilation are a good idea to use on hot summer days. It can help prevent overheating while keeping you safe.
  • When possible, ride at the coolest times of day. Usually early morning or late evening. Keep your horse happy and enjoying the ride by choosing the coolest times of day to exercise your horse. Check your local weather to find when the best time to ride is.
  • Give your horse access to plenty of fresh water. Water is essential to our horses just like it is to us. Always check your horse's water to make sure they have plenty to drink. If necessary, provide extra buckets in their stall or pasture to ensure they will not run out.
  • If you hose your horse after a ride make sure they do not stand in the sun to dry as the water on them can heat up making them hotter. Hosing your horse and letting them stand in the sun can make them overheat. Although the water may be cold, if you leave them in the sun the water left on them will heat up and cause them to be hot and uncomfortable. Try letting your horse stand in the shade or near a fan to avoid overheating.
  • When trail riding try to choose shaded trails if possible. If you’re wanting to hit the trails try picking ones with shade if you have access to any. Keep your horse happy on the trail and cool in the shade.

Summer is a fun time to be with your horse but remember to take care of them and pay attention to the weather. Happy trails!