For pigs, we recommend a minimum of 3 pads
to create a suitable scratching surface.

# of Pads Price Each Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping
1-3 $17.49 $8.95
4-7 $13.99 $10.95
8-11 $12.99 $13.95
12+ $12 (Best Value!) FREE SHIPPING


Perfect Christmas gift for Gizmo, my mini pig!

I’ve had my eye on the scratch pads from Scratch n All for quite sometime. I decided they would be the perfect Christmas gift for Gizmo, my mini pig! The most popular use for them, based on what I’ve read from other customers on the website, seems to be for animals in barns. For me, however, these will be used in my home. Because they are able to bend easily in the middle, they will be placed on the corners of my walls. They are not by any means poorly made. While the product is constructed to be able to fold in the middle, they are thick and sturdy. Gizmo will be able to scratch to his heart’s content and I will not longer have to clean my walls after he rubs his eyes on them! Even more impressive than the product itself was the service. I received my package promptly despite it being the holiday day season. There was even a personalized message inside! It’s rare to come by a company such as this! I will be sure to spread the word about Scratch n All to the mini pig community. Thank you!
Amanda I.


Must have products

I purchased the 4 pack over 1 year ago for my Gweedo. I mounted them on the last 2 bottom sides of my stairs to the second floor bedrooms. No matter where he rubs, he get gets a good scratch. He even rubs his face on them which helps clean his face. These are a must have for piggy owners. Your babies will love them!!
D. Wheeler


pig-scratching.jpgA great scratcher for mini pigs…

I purchased the first of two ScratchnAlls in December for Bruno, my 16 month old mini pig. I waited a few months before giving my review because I wanted to pig-test the product. Bruno has a very strong snout and also enjoys biting on things. He likes to scratch a lot and scratches pretty hard, so I wasn’t sure the “bristles” would hold up to this. I also was concerned he may ignore the product as a scratcher and just use it as a teether. I assumed it would be a fairly durable product because of the animals using it on the website, but I was still quite impressed with the quality once I actually got to hold and test it. Before installing, I used the ScratchnAll to brush Bruno’s bristles. He easily adjusted to the scratching and even fell on his side like piggies do when getting scratched. Since Bruno is an indoor pet, I attached the brown scratcher to the side of the kitchen cabinet where he normally passes. Installation was easy. Then I brought Bruno and showed it to him. At first he began biting it. Then he started scratching his head and then his body. Bruno absolutely loves his ScratchnAll. He uses it several times a day, but especially after a bath. I ordered a second ScratchnAll which I plan on attaching to the terrace post. This way, Bruno will have a ScratchnAll inside the house and in the yard when he plays outdoors.