Shipping & Returns guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. All products may be returned within thirty days and must be in the same condition as received. All returns are to be mailed by USPS Priority Mail containing a tracking number. The company must be advised of such number. No exceptions.

All shipping costs incurred by the company will not be refunded and will be deducted from credit. This also applies to orders when free shipping is offered. A refund check will be mailed within 3 days of receipt of the returned items.

Please send returns to:
Scratch n All®
PO Box 92
Dillsburg, PA 17019
1-888-9-SCRATCH (1-888-972-7282)

Preparing a package for return involves several steps to ensure that it is shipped back securely and reaches its destination without any issues. Here's a general guide on how to prepare a package for return: Review Return Policy: Before preparing the package, carefully review the return policy of the company or retailer from which you made the purchase. Check if there are specific instructions regarding returns, packaging, or labeling. Check Packaging Materials: Use a sturdy box or envelope that is appropriate for the size and type of item you are returning. Make sure the packaging is in good condition without any tears or damage. Include All Items and Documentation: Place the items you are returning in the package, along with any accessories, manuals, or original packaging. Include the return authorization, if provided, and a copy of the packing slip or receipt. Securely Seal the Package: Close and seal the package securely using packaging tape. Ensure that all seams are well-sealed to prevent the contents from falling out or being damaged during transit. Remove or Cover Previous Labels: If reusing a box, make sure to remove any previous shipping labels or markings. Cover or completely mark out any barcodes or addresses to avoid confusion during shipping. Attach the Return Label: If the company or retailer provided a return label, attach it to the package according to the provided instructions. This label usually includes the return address and any shipping information needed. Include a Return Authorization Form: If required, include a return authorization form inside the package. This form may contain essential information, such as the reason for the return and your contact details. Photograph the Package: Before shipping, consider taking a photograph of the fully packaged item. This can serve as documentation in case any issues arise during the return process. Choose a Shipping Method: Select a shipping method based on the return instructions provided by the company or retailer. Some may offer prepaid return labels, while others may require you to pay for return shipping. Drop off the Package: Take the prepared package to the designated drop-off location or arrange for a pickup based on the chosen shipping method. Ensure that you comply with any specific shipping requirements or deadlines. Track the Shipment: If the shipping method includes tracking, keep note of the tracking number provided. This allows you to monitor the package's progress and confirm when it has been received by the company or retailer. Always follow the specific return instructions provided by the company or retailer to ensure a smooth return process. If in doubt, contact the customer service department for guidance on how to properly prepare and return the package.