Are you a retailer interested in wholesale pricing?

We offer "direct from the manufacturer pricing" to our wholesalers and retailers which means there's no middle-man. Contact us today to learn more about how you can offer this great product at your location(s) and how much your customers will LOVE it!

Please view the great POP display (pictured below) to place by your registers for your impulse buyers.  This is a fabulous item to sell at Feed Stores, Gift Shops (including zoos), Veterinarian Offices, and more.

When contacting us, please provide your store name and EIN in the "comments" section of the form.


Direct from manufacturer pricing refers to a pricing strategy where products are sold directly to consumers without intermediaries or middlemen, such as retailers or distributors. In this model, manufacturers sell their products directly to end customers, eliminating the additional costs associated with intermediaries. This can result in cost savings for consumers and potentially increased profits for manufacturers. Key characteristics of direct from manufacturer pricing include: Elimination of Intermediaries: In a traditional retail model, products pass through various intermediaries before reaching the end consumer, each adding a markup to the final price. With direct from manufacturer pricing, these intermediaries are bypassed. Lower Prices for Consumers: By cutting out the middlemen, manufacturers can offer products at lower prices to consumers. This can make products more affordable and competitive in the market. Control Over Brand Image: Selling directly allows manufacturers to have more control over their brand image, customer experience, and the presentation of their products. They can convey their brand story directly to consumers. Direct Customer Relationships: Manufacturers can establish direct relationships with customers, obtaining valuable feedback, understanding consumer preferences, and providing better customer service. Flexible Pricing Strategies: Manufacturers have the flexibility to set their own pricing strategies based on production costs, market demand, and other factors. This can lead to more dynamic and responsive pricing. Customization and Personalization: Direct selling allows manufacturers to offer customization and personalization options directly to consumers. Customers may have more choices in product features, colors, or configurations. E-commerce Facilitation: The rise of e-commerce has facilitated direct from manufacturer pricing, as manufacturers can sell products directly through their own online platforms, bypassing the need for physical retail spaces. Transparency in Pricing: Direct from manufacturer pricing often promotes transparency in pricing. Customers can see the actual cost of the product without additional markups from intermediaries. While direct from manufacturer pricing has several advantages, it may not be suitable for all types of products or industries. Some manufacturers continue to rely on traditional distribution channels for wider market reach and to benefit from the expertise of retailers in merchandising and marketing. Ultimately, the success of direct from manufacturer pricing depends on the specific industry, product type, consumer preferences, and the manufacturer's ability to manage the complexities of selling directly to end customers.