Installation & Care

First: Decide on Location


Deciding on the best location for your Scratch n All pads is the best part!  Whether you are mounting them in the barn or a corner in your home, the versatility of the pad allows you so many options!  

WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU MOUNT THE PADS AT SHOULDER HEIGHT OF THE ANIMAL and on a SOLID surface that will be sturdy enough to support the weight of your animal scratching. Below, you will find illustrations for both a flat and corner installation.

Flat Surface Installation


Corner Install



Introducing Your Animals to Scratch n All

It may take a short period of time for your animal to learn to use the scratch pads, but once they find it - they'll love it! After you mount the pads, your animal(s) will be curious. Calmly introduce them to the pads and encourage them to rub against it (maybe with a treat!). During the first few days, observe your animal(s) with the pads and be sure to contact us with any questions or comments.


So Simple!

Easy to Install!


Easy to Use!


Easy to Clean!

care-1.jpg care-2.jpg care-3a.jpg
Following the instructions provided with each package, install your pads virtually anywhere.  Remember, make sure the height is correct for your animal! You'll be amazed how much your animals use it!  Many customers comment how it helps to not only relieve their animals' itch, but also reduces grooming time! Simply pull the hair from the pad and discard. Yes!  It's that easy!

Buy More & Save + Get FREE Shipping!

free-shipping.jpgWe know that your animals will simply LOVE our product, so we offer special pricing for larger orders.

See the chart below to find out how you can save on Scratch n All Pads and qualify for reduced or FREE Shipping.

# of Pads Price Each Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping
1-3 $16.99 $8.95
4-7 $12.99 $9.95
8-11 $11.99 $12.00
12+ $12 (Best Value!) FREE SHIPPING

Shipping Method & Order Processing Times
We use USPS Priority Shipping and typically ship within 1-2 business days of your order.