Sheep & Goats

For sheep and goats, we recommend a minimum of 3 pads
to create a suitable scratching surface.

# of Pads Price Each Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping
1-3 $17.49 $8.95
4-7 $13.99 $10.95
8-11 $12.99 $13.95
12+ $12 (Best Value!) FREE SHIPPING


Thank You!

How I wish I had known about your wonder product years ago if in fact it was available years ago. Pygmy goats with their evil horns were left behind by the people that I purchased my One Woman Ranch from 7 years being who I am, I kept the little beasts. They would take down my barn if not for every thing I have tried to no avail over the last 7 years. Then VOILA..Scratchnall saved the day and my beloved RED BARN. My silly goats love the scratch pads and are saving the sides of my barn doors. Now I need to order 6 more Rustic Red pads… Thank you so much and to whomever invented this wonder product!! Just wish I could order more as I can use them for my horses, and dogs and I bet even my destructo cats.

- Diana C, Driggs, Idaho

They Fight Over It!

Hi Cynthia, I wanted to write and thank you for your note with my order which I received the other day. In this day and age it is so wonderful to feel like there is a real person at the end of your product…. I put my scratchnall up and before I could get the second one up I had a ewe scratching her head so it will clearly be a hit and especially when the sheep start to shed their wool …I am sure I will be ordering more in the future. As you can see they have been rubbing the trees so I thought I’ll put it on a tree. I turned around to put the drill away and this is what I saw. They are actually fighting over it! It may be I put it on the roughest spot on the tree. I may lower it or I may put the second one below it. The funniest part of this is one discovered it instantly, then the others came over to investigate and then one shoved the other and tried it and they went around the group that way.
Kathie M.