Absolutely love them!

I was going to install brushes for my horses but read how dangerous that can be for them. An article I read recommended ScratchnAll pads so I decided to try them. Cynthia was so helpful and followed up to make sure I got the best deal. I ordered in bulk because it was a great deal. The pads arrived quickly and were very easy to install. My horses and especially my mini absolutely love them! I will admit that I have used them too!! This is an outstanding product with outstanding customer service!!

August 2019
Joan McD.
Sherwood Wisconsin

Calmed him down

FYI I used the Scratch Me Silly to get one donkey to allow the farrier to work on her. it distracted her and we were able to do her feet. I also used it on a 5 yr old ottb right off the track who is here. It calmed him down as well. And then, finally, I used it on a gelding in order to allow me to clean his sheath without sedation. July 2019
Tricia K
Dover, PA

Fantastic Product!

I am so happy to have found Scratch n All self scratchers! My horses are cleaner because they rub on their scratching post instead of the ground, and my goat is thrilled to relieve his itching and have a way to be busy. I put some Scratch n All pads around door jambs in the house, too, and the cats now groom themselves! Even my 15 year old lab mix loves the relief. I wouldn’t be without this fantastic product! Thanks so very much for entertaining my animals in a healthy, holistic and beneficial way.

March 22, 2018

New Purpose

The super soft ScratchnAll pads have proven to have another purpose for our foundation mare, Reeses, who went blind in her left eye. She bumps into the corner of her stall (near her door) on her left side. We put the super soft pads there, and we no longer have to worry about her injuring herself. When she bumps them, she remains calm and doesn’t startle as she did when the hard corner was exposed. Plus I don’t have to worry about them coming off or her chewing them (like some of the foam bumpers).

I imagine others would find this useful as well.

Maria K.
Purcellville, VA
July 1, 2017

Goats Say 'Thank You'

We have two smallish goats who have destroyed the wire on our gates by hard rubbing. They have now (it took 3 days) switched to the Scratch n Alls. YAY! Now we can repair the gates. Great product, easy to install, attractive (we bought purple. It looks great with our brown and white goats), prompt delivery, and happy goats. Perfect!

Barbara S,
Machipongo, Virginia
July 1, 2017

Love your product!

Hi Cynthia
I wanted to connect with you to let you know how many scratch-n-all pads we have at my barn. To date I have 18 in all of the colors you offer. I guess this is an indication of my much my horse and the boarders horses love your product! They sure do!! I have them set up on the shed row overhang supports so that they can enjoy a good scratching at three posts presently! Most every week or so but especially in the Spring during the shed time your Scratch-N-All pads are all jammed up with winter hair. The horses LOVE them! Over the 3 years that I have had them they have not broken, ripped, or shrunk from cold winter temperatures in ANY way! You offer a wonderful product, thanks for sharing it to the equine community. I will be looking you up again next Equine Affaire for more Scratch-N-All pads. I hope to eventually give my herd opportunity to have a scratch from all 6 posts! Keep up the great work.
Yours truly,
H. C. Grafton, MA

Safe Surface for Scratching

I have 1 mini horse and 2 mini donkeys who are constantly looking for somewhere to scratch, especially when shedding their winter coats. My niece found the Scratch n All's on line and suggested I give them a try. I purchased 12 of them in various colors and placed them on the spots around my barn and in the stalls, that the mini's would rub themselves on. It took about 5 minutes for them to discover how to use the scratchers. They absolutely love them. I showed them to my Vet before placing them around my barn to ask her opinion about the product. She looked them over, said they looked great and asked me for the information so she could order some as well. I am confident this product will reduce the sores my animals get when rubbing on the barn's wooden surface and provide a safe surface for scratching.

Greatest Product Ever!

I installed four pads on a post for my two spoiled Belted Galloway Bulls. They absolutely love them and so do I. The boys are brushed, clean,happy and entertained and I don't have worn out arms. I will be getting more for a future new post.
C. McCauley


My horses and donkey absolutely love this product! They were curious when I installed the pads and their interest continues! Installation could not be easier and all hardware materials were included with the pads. This has been a wonderful experience. I am now on my second order and ordering these for friends as well. Wishing you all continued success with your terrific products and business.
Kathryn, Corrales, New Mexico

Perfect Christmas gift for Gizmo, my mini pig!

I’ve had my eye on the scratch pads from Scratch n All for quite sometime. I decided they would be the perfect Christmas gift for Gizmo, my mini pig! The most popular use for them, based on what I’ve read from other customers on the website, seems to be for animals in barns. For me, however, these will be used in my home. Because they are able to bend easily in the middle, they will be placed on the corners of my walls. They are not by any means poorly made. While the product is constructed to be able to fold in the middle, they are thick and sturdy. Gizmo will be able to scratch to his heart’s content and I will not longer have to clean my walls after he rubs his eyes on them! Even more impressive than the product itself was the service. I received my package promptly despite it being the holiday day season. There was even a personalized message inside! It’s rare to come by a company such as this! I will be sure to spread the word about Scratch n All to the mini pig community. Thank you!
Amanda I.

Very Happy

Penny (our potbelly pig) is learning to use these and loves them. They came with proper installation instructions and necessary hardware, as well as a coupon for our next purchase. Thanks so much!


I really love these, it’s tough and my dog, cat, Emu and children love it. The only problem is that it is so damn small, I only bought two. If I had known they were so small, I would have bought at least 6 more. They showed that horse in the pics and it just threw me off.
Drew My horses love them… I ordered four of these to try them out on my three very large and strong draft horses. they love to scratch their necks, butts and sides on these. they are very durable and the customer service is also excellent. i ordered more and would highly recommend them for your furry friends!

My Horses Love Scratch n All

We have put the set at my horses neck height and they go to town on the Scratch n All.
I. Bukis

Love them

I love the Scratch-n-all-pads. They are easy to install (My 12 year old son and I installed them). The baby dwarf goats are checking them out and enjoying them so far. Thank you!!!
C. & K. Cloherty

Excellent product 

Quite inadvertently ended up on the site! Who knew such a product existed? Knew immediately I wanted to have these in the stable for my 2 mini gelding. Ruggedly well-made, requiring no introduction once mounted. The lads have LOVED having genuinely effective scratch stations! Excellent product!

Everyone loves them!

I purchased several a couple of years ago. My pigs, goats and my dogs all use them. I have to clean the hair off of them regularly which is a sure sign I made a wise purchase! Highly recommend ScratchnAll!

Must have products

I purchased the 4 pack over 1 year ago for my Gweedo. I mounted them on the last 2 bottom sides of my stairs to the second floor bedrooms. No matter where he rubs, he get gets a good scratch. He even rubs his face on them which helps clean his face. These are a must have for piggy owners. Your babies will love them!!
D. Wheeler

Great Product!!!

I have researched forever for the best scratching pad for my horses. 
They LOVE IT!! I will be ordering more.


I purchased my first set of ScratchnAll pads at the Equine Affaire … AFTER having tried the Equine Scratcher and Itchin’ Post both of which were not the quality nor versatility of ScratchnAll. These pads beat the competition, hands down. I bought 12 more and can honestly say that my horses, goats and pig LOVE them. Fabulous product and super customer service. Thank you, ScratchnAll, for such a wonderful American-made product and for keeping my “stock” happy.

It doesnt get any better than ScratchnAll 

I have used the ScratchnAll product for more than 6 years and I cannot say enough good things about it. Durable, satisfying and enriching, my critters love the time spent scratching themselves – and my worry about them rubbing on areas that are not suitable are no more. It is an investment in my animals well being that I am happy to make. Thank you for your vision in creating this wonderful product!
Maria K.

Watch 'em Scratch


Got an itch? 

My horses love the scratch n all patch pads. I put the pads where the horses can access the pads with great satisfaction. Its amazing how the horses know what they are for. Very happy with the scratch n all that I had to buy more. Happy horse, happy owner.
Sue Ann

Scratch-n-All makes happy horses 

I cannot say enough good things about this product. Installation is easy and they are indestructible. My horses really love them. I just added more to my existing scratch area. This time I added some color. It sort of becomes an art project. They are so very helpful with the shedding process.

LOVE the Scratch N All’s 

I bought my first (4) last year and my mare loves them. I waited until they went on sale again and purchased another (12). If I could afford more I would have bought about 20 or so more to make large scratching areas for my horses. They do not pull out manes or tails on these and the horses seek them out. I love the handwritten notes. All the hardware comes with them and it’s all high quality.

A great scratcher for mini pigs…

I purchased the first of two ScratchnAlls in December for Bruno, my 16 month old mini pig. I waited a few months before giving my review because I wanted to pig-test the product. Bruno has a very strong snout and also enjoys biting on things. He likes to scratch a lot and scratches pretty hard, so I wasn’t sure the “bristles” would hold up to this. I also was concerned he may ignore the product as a scratcher and just use it as a teether. I assumed it would be a fairly durable product because of the animals using it on the website, but I was still quite impressed with the quality once I actually got to hold and test it. Before installing, I used the ScratchnAll to brush Bruno’s bristles. He easily adjusted to the scratching and even fell on his side like piggies do when getting scratched. Since Bruno is an indoor pet, I attached the brown scratcher to the side of the kitchen cabinet where he normally passes. Installation was easy. Then I brought Bruno and showed it to him. At first he began biting it. Then he started scratching his head and then his body. Bruno absolutely loves his ScratchnAll. He uses it several times a day, but especially after a bath. I ordered a second ScratchnAll which I plan on attaching to the terrace post. This way, Bruno will have a ScratchnAll inside the house and in the yard when he plays outdoors.

My Pigs Love It! 

These are cleverly designed and easy to install. My pigs are really enjoying their new scratchers.

Happy Horse 

After moving to a new paddock and not having her Scratch ‘n All for a few months, she is now a very happy girl again!! She loves to get a good face and neck scratch after a trail ride.

Great Product

Already have some. I added more animals, slowly adding more pads. Does this tell you anything? Interesting design, good size and holds up well. Awesome product and Made in America.
George L.

Scratch N All for horses

Scratch N All are a sturdy product. The screws and washers that are needed are sent with the pads. Good product, but expensive.

Love the Milk

This milk color pad is GREAT for a itchy face. My horse used the Milk pad the 2nd day. I will order more for x-mas gifts.

Absolutely love them!

I bought two pads at the Equine Affaire last year to try the pads out. My two horses loved them and used them so much that I purchased two more to complete the scratching/itching station on my barn doorway! The horses absolutely love them and use them all the time because you can see all the hair in them. Great product! Very durable! 4 pads for a horse is definitely what you need to buy. Two is not enough area for them.
D. Gendreau

I love these

I bought 4 for my horse who’s always scratching. I installed on the corner of you doorway for her stall and within 20 minutes she found them and loves them. I thought they were bigger than 7″ or since I couldn’t find any measurements on the website but I still love them. If I had known they were smaller I’d have bought a few more initially. But I plan on buying at least 4 more.

Our animals love it

I have a horse and sheep(ewe) who love to scratch and this beats taking down a barn post. Unfortunately we lost our barn to a fire this winter so needed to replace the scratch pads.

My horse loves it

I have a mini horse that is a terrible scratcher. I purchased the Scratch n All Pads for him and just as soon as he figured out what they were for, he was a happy camper. Now he uses them all the time. Thanks for the great product!
G. Burford

Great for goats!

I have four goats who absolutely love these. I mount them on their shelter, on the fence post, on the trees they like to rub up against, they love them!

Awesome Product!

Absolutely an awesome product. Made In America Quality, that you can see and feel. Makes me proud to be an American. I am confident that my new “Scratchers” will last for many years to come. With the savings in barn repairs and Vet bills, your products will, over time, pay for themselves. Definitely a smart investment in my opinion. The BEST thing about them is the Horses Love Em. I call them The Big Critter Itch Gitter. Thank You for providing “Real Value” to your customers, and supporting your local economy, It’s a welcomed and refreshing change. Sincerely,
T. White, Raleigh NC

Great sturdy product!

These scratchers are heavy-duty and versatile. You can adapt them to animal and space preference.

Scratch N All is very beneficial

I only have 1 horse now, a coming 30 year old QH mare, and she absolutely loves the Scratch N All’s that I have purchased for her since I found out about them about 4 or 5 years ago. She really gives them a work out especially in the late summer and early fall. At least with these being softer than fence post, old cedar barn boards, gate hinges, etc., she does not rub all her hait out around her face and on her mane and the top of her tail any more. I am very pleased with this horse product, it does what it says it will do.

Good Horsekeeping Seal of Approval

The Scratch n All is very popular with my herd. To see the look on their faces as they scratch themselves….priceless. Seems to be eliminating tearing out clumps of hair on the latches.

Best present I ever gave my goats!

Within 30 seconds of mounting my first scratch pad, both my goats were enthusiastically rubbing, butting, biting, and enjoying it. Now every time they go past the pad they have to give it at least one good head butt and a rub. Worth every penny!

ScratchNAll for your FEET???:-)

If you’ve ever had a really relaxing foot rub, or a nice reflexology session, you KNOW how good it feels when someone treats your tootsies with TLC…but what about when you really need some tender loving care – right now – but you’ve got to be on your feet for hours more? I work equine trade shows with Cynthia, and we spend a LOT of time on our feet – on hard concrete floors for up to 12 hours at a time. For the past few years, I’ve “hidden” 4 ScratchnAll SOFT TOUCH pads on the floor behind the cashier desk, and that’s where I stand whenever I can…off go the clogs and “Ahhh!” go my feet!! (That’s why I’m always smiling! :-).

Review From 'Notes From Dawn'

My review: I placed two sable colored scratch n all interlocking pads together on the wall of a run-in shed. The scratchers provide a safe place for horsey scratching. I mounted them on the flat of the wall but the pads have a notched design so that they can be mounted on corners if desired. Cleverly made with a V-notch on the back side to channel away moisture. Each pad measures 5" x 6" x 1", color choices are rustic red, winners blue, alfalfa green, bark, and sable. The rubber nubs were too stiff for the kitty to enjoy; however, Stratchnall makes a Soft Touch pad for small animals and I bet he’d like it! Notes From Dawn: Received 2 scratch n all pads from Scratchnall in exchange for an honest review. A positive review is not guaranteed, and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

Great for self grooming

I bought a dozen 2 years ago for my horses – and they use them every year during shedding season and fly season. They look for the posts and you can see the look on their face when they get one of the ones that don’t have it – they stop and glare at it after trying to scratch like “hey – what gives? Where’s the scratcher???” My Vet thinks its hysterical, but it helps so much with grooming and keeps them from hurting themselves – he says it’s cheating!
Chris Z.

Highly recommend them

I recommend ScratchNAll scratchers to all my friends, animals and humans alike. Yes ladies and gentlemen, get that hard to reach itchy spot right there where it is. Mount it on the door way and back up to a hundred perfectly placed fingers. No more “a little to the left, a little to the right.” “Ouch, not so hard” A perfect scratch every time for half the price of taking them out to dinner. Think of the money you can save. I know I have. Now living alone, though.
Dr. Allen G, Walkersville, MD

All over scratching solution

I have three horses and they use it as a neck, butt, shoulder, face and ear scratcher.
Lori S., Manvel, Texas

Super Product

“This is a testimonial for ScratchnAll that we use here at the Petting Zoo at the Creation Museum located in Hebron, KY …Currently using the ScratchnAll are Zorses, Z-donks, a Baby-Doll Sheep, Goats, a Mini Steer and a Camel. ScratchnAll has made life a whole lot easier for grooming the mini steer and he uses it the most of all the animals. We mounted the ScratchnAll from floor to ceiling (about 8 1/2′) for the camel as well as placed it at the top of a 4' post. Before shearing, we were finding the wool of the baby-doll sheep in the ScratchnAll pad who was scratching its hips. Having so many different animals using the ScratchnAll pad is a fine testament to its durability and quality. What a super product!”.

Sturgill, Zookeeper, Creation Museum

They LOVE it!

I received my order a few weeks ago and got them installed in my horses’ stalls last weekend. I would like to let you know that they LOVE it! They have filled them up with hairs from scratching. And this will give them something to do in their stalls this winter when the blizzards blow outside. Thanks for a neat product.
Rebecca R.

Thank you!

How I wish I had known about your wonder product years ago if in fact it was available years ago. Pygmy goats with their evil horns were left behind by the people that I purchased my One Woman Ranch from 7 years being who I am, I kept the little beasts. They would take down my barn if not for every thing I have tried to no avail over the last 7 years. Then VOILA..Scratchnall saved the day and my beloved RED BARN. My silly goats love the scratch pads and are saving the sides of my barn doors. Now I need to order 6 more Rustic Red pads… Thank you so much and to whomever invented this wonder product!! Just wish I could order more as I can use them for my horses, and dogs and I bet even my destructo cats. Diana C, Driggs, Idaho
Hi Cynthia, I wanted to write and thank you for your note with my order which I received the other day. In this day and age it is so wonderful to feel like there is a real person at the end of your product…. I put my scratchnall up and before I could get the second one up I had a ewe scratching her head so it will clearly be a hit and especially when the sheep start to shed their wool …I am sure I will be ordering more in the future. As you can see they have been rubbing the trees so I thought I’ll put it on a tree. I turned around to put the drill away and this is what I saw. They are actually fighting over it! It may be I put it on the roughest spot on the tree. I may lower it or I may put the second one below it. The funniest part of this is one discovered it instantly, then the others came over to investigate and then one shoved the other and tried it and they went around the group that way.
Kathie M.

Love the Scratch-n-Alls

The horses and donkeys at the rescue love the Scratch-n-All’s we have installed. They get such a satisfying scratch out of them, and it saves wear and repair on fence boards! We all love Scratch-n-All!
Maria K.

Very Pleased!

There are about 65 cows in a free-stall barn and the ScratchnAlls are mounted on the wall by the gate. The cows have easy access to them and seem to enjoy rubbing their foreheads and faces on the pads. I know they’re using them a lot because I can see the cow hair lying on the ground below the pads. Cows like to scratch and they often chew objects that are a not a good idea like bolts and corners. We’ve had cows injure themselves but these pads are safe and work well. I recommend them to anybody who has dairy cows. They’re great and I will be ordering some more. I am just very pleased. A great investment for cow-comfort. Cows that are happy make more milk and cows that are scratchy are not happy. The cows found these by themselves and they say “thank you.”Everybody says cows are color blind but I think ours love the bright colors. It’s a massage for cows.
Margaret S., Kersey, PA

Love them!

Cynthia has passion in the making of her product. The pot bellied pigs at our rescue love them!
R. Martin


I love this product!
Dan M.

Great product an service!

My goats LOVE Scratch N All scratch pads! They jostle each other out of the way to get to use them. Keeps them busy and entertained and satisfied. Thanks for a wonderful product to enrich our hobby farm animals’ lives!

Awesome product

Glad to see another PA based Business 100 contestant! You’ve got my vote!

Thank you!

Cynthia’s caring is the root of her innovation and that is wonderful. Animals and their owners everywhere owe her a debt of gratitude!!
Lillian H, Hummelstown, PA

Great product

Such a great idea. Indoors or out. Saves the furniture from clawing cats in my daughter’s house.
E. Lyon

Love it!

I don’t have any photos for you on the scratching device, but it is a big hit with the broodmares. I think it will be a wonderful tool to help the non-show horses shed out next spring. I like that the prongs are soft and bendy. We’ve placed it at mid-body height and that seems to work well. Do we have to return the sample? I hope not, because the mini horses will have to go back to rubbing on stall walls while inside, or trees with their sap when outside. I will try to get some photos for you.

Perfect cure for an itch

Scratch n All® is a product designed to help animals scratch where they can’t reach. Now I, as a male, have trouble scratching my back and applying pressure to get to the “itchy place”. So, I mounted my Scratch N All on a 4×4 Post, at mid back height. I back up against it, apply some pressure and exercise by doing my knee bends to scratch where needed! Works out well for the itch and helps to exercise my whole body by wiggling.
B. Scholl