Horses & Equine

For equines, we recommend a minimum of 4 pads
to create a suitable scratching surface.

# of Pads Price Each Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping
1-3 $17.49 $8.95
4-7 $13.99 $10.95
8-11 $12.99 $13.95
12+ $12 (Best Value!) FREE SHIPPING


The Scratchnall was initially invented for the horse, but has now grown to benefit more than 20 different species of animals.  Plus, with the ability to mount the interlocking pads virtually anywhere, animal lovers are finding new and creative ways to provide much needed relief to their four-legged friends.  


I am so happy to have found Scratch n All self scratchers! My horses are cleaner because they rub on their scratching post instead of the ground, and my goat is thrilled to relieve his itching and have a way to be busy. I put some Scratch n All pads around door jambs in the house, too, and the cats now groom themselves! Even my 15 year old lab mix loves the relief. I wouldn’t be without this fantastic product! Thanks so very much for entertaining my animals in a healthy, holistic and beneficial way.


Hi Cynthia,
I wanted to connect with you to let you know how many scratch-n-all pads we have at my barn. To date I have 18 in all of the colors you offer. I guess this is an indication of my much my horse and the boarders horses love your product! They sure do!! I have them set up on the shed row overhang supports so that they can enjoy a good scratching at three posts presently! Most every week or so but especially in the Spring during the shed time your Scratch-N-All pads are all jammed up with winter hair. The horses LOVE them! Over the 3 years that I have had them they have not broken, ripped, or shrunk from cold winter temperatures in ANY way! You offer a wonderful product, thanks for sharing it to the equine community. I will be looking you up again next Equine Affaire for more Scratch-N-All pads. I hope to eventually give my herd opportunity to have a scratch from all 6 posts! Keep up the great work.
Yours truly,
H. C. Grafton, MA


I ordered four of these to try them out on my three very large and strong draft horses. they love to scratch their necks, butts and sides on these. they are very durable and the customer service is also excellent. i ordered more and would highly recommend them for your furry friends! EXCELLENT PRODUCT Quite inadvertently ended up on the site! Who knew such a product existed? Knew immediately I wanted to have these in the stable for my 2 mini gelding. Ruggedly well-made, requiring no introduction once mounted. The lads have LOVED having genuinely effective scratch stations!



Unfortunately for some animals searching for a way to get relief, they mistakenly rub again unsafe surfaces such as splintered wood, metal fencing and rough corners. Help keep your animals safe by providing them with a safe alternative to provide relief. Mount your Scratchnalls on any sturdy surface such as posts, gates or walls to prevent injuries.