For dogs, we recommend a minimum of 2 pads
to create a suitable scratching surface.

# of Pads Price Each Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping
1-3 $17.49 $8.95
4-7 $13.99 $10.95
8-11 $12.99 $13.95
12+ $12 (Best Value!) FREE SHIPPING

Dogs have been our long time companions and most of us can’t imagine our lives without them. Like all animals, they thrive on enrichment.  

Here are ideas for YOUR dog:

The video shows the Soft Touch pad being used by a dog as a butt-scratcher, although he enjoys the feeling on other parts of his body too. Mounting them at the dog’s shoulder height is suggested.  View more videos

Another idea you may want to make available to your dog is mounting 6 or 8 pads on a board, depending on the size of the dog. Seen below is a 60# dog rolling on the pads. He was introduced to it by putting him on his back on top of the pads and then wiggling him until he got the idea and decided he LOVED the feeling. This idea is fine to keep outside as the pads are stable at high and low temperatures but you may want to weather-treat the board first. Please keep in mind that you are supplied with 2” stainless steel screws where the points may come through the bottom of the board. Either use shorter screws or a thicker board and that way it can be enjoyed inside your home without ruining the floors.


Everyone loves them!

"I purchased several a couple of years ago. My pigs, goats and my dogs all use them. I have to clean the hair off of them regularly which is a sure sign I made a wise purchase! Highly recommend ScratchnAll!"
- Lisa

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