The Founder

Cynthia Garry


Cynthia, the inventor of Scratch n All®, has enjoyed the company of animals her entire life. As part of her awareness of needs and behaviors common to all animals, she knows nearly all engage in self-grooming and scratching behaviors; hence, Scratch n All® was born to provide a convenient, safe surface for all animals to satisfy that basic “feel-good” feeling.

Cynthia’s relationship with animals began with riding lessons when she was just four. At age 10, her first four-legged companion, an Irish setter, joined the family. Today, Cynthia cares for two dogs, a horse and a donkey at her home in Central Pennsylvania. The many animals she cared for over the years engendered a deep respect and love for our fellow creatures and her keen observation of their needs and individual personalities produced an appreciation for the gifts these companions freely give.

To return a portion of that animal devotion, Cynthia gives her time and talents to assist various transport groups which are dedicated to rescuing domestic animals and pets from the certain death that awaits them at high-kill shelters. She and her daughter traveled to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina to aid in animal rescue efforts there, helping to save the lives of many displaced and abandoned pets affected by the storm’s immediate devastation and prolonged after effects.

Cynthia also worked with an area group that rescues exotic animals. These efforts arise from her understanding that all animals, indeed all of nature, are gifts with benefits essential to both our well-being and basic survival.

Cynthia’s grasp of the fragile inter-relationship between people and our natural surroundings is also evident in her lifestyle choices. She’s a vegetarian and an organic gardener who prefers to “work with nature” whenever possible, and chooses a holistic approach to life. For Cynthia, Scratch n All® is another tool to help enrich the lives of the creatures in our care.