The Company

cynthia-marthasdonkeys.jpgScratchnAll Inventor, Cynthia Garry, alongside Martha Stewart's Donkeys. Scratchnall Pads featured to the rear on the Donkey Shed

Scratchnall is located in Dillsburg, PA, and was founded in 2008 by Cynthia Garry with the goal of helping all animals. Garry is a lifelong animal lover who donates her time to help various animal transport groups. Her goal is to continue to grow her business in order to donate to reputable spay/neuter organizations that help end animal suffering and pet overpopulation.

Garry is also a StartupNation Home-Based 100 competition award-winning business owner.

The Logo

The ScratchnAll logo reflects the multi-animal nature of the pads with a horse, a cow, a dog and a cat being observed by a person, and it possesses the same curved design as the pads.


made-us.jpgProudly Made in the U.S.A

Even though Cynthia "officially" joined the America made movement in 2013, she actually began manufacturing in the USA in 2009.

"We were finally able to find a company here in the U.S. to produce the pads while keeping the same exceptional quality and keeping our prices affordable."

Learn more about this story on our Blog: ScratchnAll JOINS AMERICA-MADE MOVEMENT.

"We will never sacrifice quality for price."

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