What are Scratch-n-All Pads?

ScratchnAll is a durable scratcher pad used by animals large and small. It provides safe relief from itching which plagues barnyard, domestic and zoo animals. The ScratchnAll animal scratcher pad is easy to install and has the ability to bend over corners and interlock. Because of its unique shape and features, you can create a pattern which best suits the animals' enrichment needs. The pad's 212 points can touch key acupressure areas and is the perfect self-grooming solution. Originally invented for the horse, the scratcher pad is now satisfying many different species of animals. Read more about the ScratchnAll scratcher pad.


How many pads do I need for my animals?

For small animals such as goats and pigs, 2 may suffice. For larger animals such as horses and cows, a minimum of 4 is suggested. You'll want to consider the amount of scratching area that your animal(s) may require.


Watch 'em Scratch!