Early Spring?

Early Spring?

Feb 19th 2024

Punxsutawney Phil has made his prediction for an early spring - have your animals, too? Animals grow significant coats to help bolster their warmth for the cooler winter months. When their bodies … read more
Considering owning a pig?

Considering owning a pig?

Jan 17th 2024

If you’re considering adding a pet pig to your home or farm, there are some important things to know and consider! -Did you know, some cities and towns do not allow pigs in their limits? It is imp … read more
Do you have your horses teeth floated?

Do you have your horses teeth floated?

Dec 5th 2023

Did you know, horses need routine dental care just like humans do? Not the fancy cleaning that we receive in the dentist chair – but a “float” or a filing down of sharp edges about once a year, if n … read more

Changing Temperature and Your Pet Pig

Nov 14th 2023

Changing Temperature and Your Pet PigHere we go into the blahs of cold weather once again. It is a time for fluctuating temperatures that go from one extreme to another, and that is not good news for … read more

​Beware of Seasonal Grazing Dangers

Oct 26th 2023

Do you have an equine friend that has experienced or is prone to laminitis or founder? There are certain times when grazing should be avoided for these prone companions all together and some good ti … read more