Riding In Warm Weather

Riding In Warm Weather

Aug 19th 2021

The summer heat is here! Here are some tips and tricks to help you and your horse enjoy summer safely. Wear light colored clothes to help stay cool. Darker colored clothing items can absorb and attra … read more

Why Animals Shed

Mar 31st 2021

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, hormonal changes in animals trigger the growth of thicker coats or “winter coats.” There are many benefits to winter coats besides added warmt … read more

Online Ordering Available Now in Canada

Mar 31st 2021

This week we're pleased to have a new vendor in Canada that will fulfill online orders.  If you are not near a local retailer, please place your order at Boutique Centor. https://boutiquecen … read more

Little Known Facts About Pigs

Mar 7th 2020

Did you know?..... Below are some fun, interesting facts about pigs: Pigs are incredibly smart – Their intelligence level is higher than some primates, dogs and even young human chi … read more