Cattle Scratch Solution

For cattle and buffalo, we recommend a minimum of 8 pads
to create a suitable scratching surface.

# of Pads Price Each Flat Rate USPS Priority Shipping
1-3 $17.49 $8.95
4-7 $13.99 $10.95
8-11 $12.99 $13.95
12+ $12 (Best Value!) FREE SHIPPING



"There are about 65 cows in a free-stall barn and the ScratchnAlls are mounted on the wall by the gate. The cows have easy access to them and seem to enjoy rubbing their foreheads and faces on the pads. I know they’re using them a lot because I can see the cow hair lying on the ground below the pads. Cows like to scratch and they often chew objects that are a not a good idea like bolts and corners. We’ve had cows injure themselves but these pads are safe and work well. I recommend them to anybody who has dairy cows. They’re great and I will be ordering some more. I am just very pleased. A great investment for cow-comfort. Cows that are happy make more milk and cows that are scratchy are not happy. The cows found these by themselves and they say 'Thank you.'  Everybody says cows are color blind but I think ours love the bright colors. It’s a massage for cows."

Margaret S., Kersey, PA


THE STORY BEHIND THIS VIDEO: We received an inquiry asking if we had any buffalo using the product. Being aware of none, we gave examples of those that were already enjoying Scratchnall … Olaf, a black angus steer (See “OLAF” on his Facebook page); a long horned-steer; cows; and beef cattle. The order came in, was sent and here is the testimonial …

Great Purchase

"My buffalo get relief from rubbing against the Scratch n All pads I installed.   Sometimes they even wait in line to rub against them.  I cemented a post into the ground on Saturday and the next day the buffalo were using them."
-Ed, Mart, TX

Greatest Product Ever!

"I installed four pads on a post for my two spoiled Belted Galloway Bulls. They absolutely love them and so do I. The boys are brushed, clean,happy and entertained and I don't have worn out arms. I will be getting more for a future new post."
- C. McCauley

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