Do you have your horses teeth floated?

Do you have your horses teeth floated?

Dec 5th 2023

Did you know, horses need routine dental care just like humans do? Not the fancy cleaning that we receive in the dentist chair – but a “float” or a filing down of sharp edges about once a year, if not more frequently depending on their anatomy.

Horses chew in a circular motion, causing teeth to grow and wear unevenly. If left un-kept, they can become quite sharp and be a main cause of pain for your horse. When horses experience pain, they act out in different ways – if you horse unexpectedly begins acting differently, losing weight, dropping their food, dunking their food in their water buckets, etc. it would be very beneficial to have an equine dentist (many times this is the same as your vet!) take a peek inside their mouths to rule out any dental problems first.

A general rule of thumb is to have your equine companion checked on a yearly basis. As they grow older, typically over 20 years old, they may need to be seen more frequently. Horses aren’t the only ones that should receive routine dental care though – so should your donkey companions! Ask your veterinarian their thoughts on the best schedule for your pet.