Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

Sep 20th 2023

Let’s face it, if you own animals, you’re bound to experience an emergency at some point. Being prepared for what to do in various events could very likely save your animal companion’s life.

Some general tips:

  • -Never panic. Though it’s difficult to see our animals in pain, panicking will only make it worse for them. Stay calm and call your vet.
  • -Have your main veterinarian’s number close by and written where others can easily access it in the event you’re not home.
  • -Have your nearest emergency vet’s number in the same location.
  • -Know the signs of distress. This varies from species to species, but often includes: dull or lethargic, no interest in food or water, visible pain or wounds, etc.
  • -Know normal vitals and how to properly check them such as temperature, heart rate, respiration, capillary refill time, mucous membrane color, and hydration status.
  • -Make sure your animal is okay being touched in various places to allow treatment to go smoothly.
  • -Have some staple first aid supplies on hand: saline, vet wrap, cotton pads, non-stick pads, gauze, etc.
  • -Keep yourself out of harms way first and foremost. You can’t help if you’re hurt yourself.

There are some great courses available for equine, canine and feline first aid being offered by Equi-First Aid USA that are beneficial for all pet owners. You can never be too prepared!