Stretching Your Horse

Sep 17th 2023

As we transition from summer into autumn, it's a great time to continue stretches to keep your horse supple. Here's a reminder of some favorites ...Remember to do these after exercise or when bringing … read more
Alternative Therapies, Massage

Alternative Therapies, Massage

Sep 14th 2023

We all know how nice a massage feels to us, but did you know that massage is also a great therapy for our animal friends, too? Equine, canine, feline and more can benefit from this wonderful, hands- … read more
Buyer Beware!  Counterfeit Products are Being Sold Online!

Buyer Beware! Counterfeit Products are Being Sold Online!

Sep 7th 2023

The Quadruple Win: Why Choosing "Made in the USA" Products MatterWhen shopping online, not only for products for your beloved animals, but for all products, consider the advantages of choosing product … read more
Alternative Therapies, Essential Oils

Alternative Therapies, Essential Oils

Sep 4th 2023

Essential oils have been used for centuries. As the life blood of various plants, they have been proven to benefit not only the human species, but also animals in many ways. Offering various aids fo … read more