​Beware of Seasonal Grazing Dangers

Oct 26th 2023

Do you have an equine friend that has experienced or is prone to laminitis or founder? There are certain times when grazing should be avoided for these prone companions all together and some good tips and tricks to keep them healthy all year-round.

  • Avoid grazing at night when temperatures drop below 40F and are followed by sunny days (late fall)
  • Don’t allow an early Spring nibble either – these grasses are stressed as they’re beginning to grow
  • Avoid grazing them on recently cut or eaten down / short grass (sugars are nestled in the stems of the grasses, making short grass the highest in sugars which could trigger laminitis)
  • When they do graze, put a grazing muzzle on to limit the amount of consumption
  • Feed hay prior to turning out – this can help slow grass intake as well
  • Keep a regular exercise routine. Excess weight is not helpful for these prone animals, exercise also lowers insulin levels and increases circulation.

When in doubt, stick to hay or call your veterinarian for advice specific to your equine.

This little poem serves some good reminders, too – enjoy!