Considering owning a pig?

Considering owning a pig?

Jan 17th 2024

If you’re considering adding a pet pig to your home or farm, there are some important things to know and consider!

  • -Did you know, some cities and towns do not allow pigs in their limits? It is important to check your local code to understand if owning a pig is legal or if there are any permits you might need to obtain.
  • -Pigs can live upwards of 15-20 years! This is quite a long commitment. Are you ready to provide for a pig for this amount of time?
  • -Adult pigs can be upwards of 200 lbs (depending on the breed) – making sure you have adequate shelter, acreage and the like is vastly important to the health of your piggy companion.
  • -An amazing benefit of owning a pig is that pigs are dead-end hosts for parasites that reak havoc on cattle, sheep and goats. Their body is able to digest the parasites where goats, sheep and cattle cannot.
  • -Pigs like to rut the ground they are fenced in. Many homeowners do not want their lawn “torn up” – but there is a benefit if you are interested in disturbing the soil to plant and/or harvest crops! They do the tough work for you ?

Pigs can bring a lot of things to the table (no pun intended!) but there are also many idiosyncrasies to consider if you are going to be a first-time pig owner. You might want to reach out to another local pig-owner to discuss and ask pertinent questions to before you make the commitment yourself!