Scratch n All® scratcher pads for animals and humans too!


To Itch is Torture – To Scratch, Divine!

A shining example of happiness,
satisfaction and enrichment.

  • High Quality and Built to Last
  • Comforts Your Pet 24/7
  • Well Worth the Investment
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Since scratching and grooming is an activity all animals enjoy, they will rub on any convenient surface or object. Door jambs, furniture and posts offer animals a convenient scratching place which soon shows wear and may even break or splinter; creating rough edges and sharp points that could puncture the skin or cause other serious injuries.

Scratch n All® offers a safe and effective way of self-scratching so that the skin, face and especially the eyes are not harmed. Even though it’s very durable, the small nubs on the scratcher pad are flexible which is comfortable, satisfying and non-irritating to the animal and it touches many key acupressure  using ScratchnAll scratcher

Scratch n All® pads are designed to give your pets a safe place to scratch – any time they feel the urge. That’s why Scratch n All® is Leading the Way in Multi-Animal Scratchers.

The unique four-sided, curved, interlocking design lets you create a grooming surface as large or small as needed.

The Scratch n All® pads can be mounted individually or in groups flat on walls or  ScratchnAll scratcher pads installed around a cornercorners.

A special notched design allows the pads to be folded on a 90 degree angle for installation on corners.

Your animal probably has several spots where it scratches. Put a few Scratch n All® pads in each spot. Stack them high or spread them wide. Your animal will find satisfaction and enrichment.

Scratch n All® scratcher pads can be used many ways!

animals using ScratchnAll scratcher

  • * Animal massager
  • * Gifts for horse owners
  • * Gifts for dog and cat owners
  • * Hair remover
  • * Shedder
  • * Stall accessory
  • * Zoo equipment
  • * Amputee accessory or gift
  • * Back scratchers
  • * Stress reducer