Strengthening the Back Muscles and Lifting the Core of the Horse and many other animals

Sep 17th 2023

We invite you to open the file below.  There is additional information about Whistle after this video was made ...

At the filming of this video it is mentioned that Whistle was extremely touchy due to the sore on his back leg.  So much so that medicating it was dangerous as he would kick.  A few weeks went by during which time the attendants, cautiously using the Scratch Me Silly, were able to completely desensitize him to having medication applied to this area and he has now allowed them full treatment.  This was accomplished by giving him a thorough scratching session, prior to treatment, while slowly approaching, and very gently touching, the sore leg.  Noticeable improvement has been realized as it appears that Whistle is walking better. They've been using the Scratch Me Silly to help raise his core and strengthen his back muscles.