ScratchnAll For Your Feet??? :-)

ScratchnAll For Your Feet??? :-)

Dec 17th 2014

If you’ve ever had a really relaxing foot rub, or a nice reflexology session, you KNOW how good it feels when someone treats your tootsies with TLC…but what about when you really need some tender loving care – right now – but you’ve got to be on your feet for hours more?

I work equine trade shows with Cynthia, and we spend a LOT of time on our feet – on hard concrete floors for up to 12 hours at a time. For the past few years, I’ve “hidden” 4 ScratchnAll SOFT TOUCH pads on the floor behind the cashier desk, and that’s where I stand whenever I can…off go the clogs and “Ahhh!” go my feet!! (That’s why I’m always smiling!

This year, I’d been experiencing chronic spasming in the middle of my back due to an old horse related injury and had been treating it for months with massage ($$), a personal TENS/EMS unit ($$) and occasionally, pain relievers – out of desperation.

When I felt the spasming coming on again in the middle of a busy day at Equine Affaire, I ducked behind the desk, kicked off my clogs, and stood on my four Soft Touch Scratchnall pads, hoping for a little relief. But what I got was (in my eyes) a miracle! Within less than 15 minutes, I had complete relief from the spasming – not only for the remainder of the show, but my back muscles haven’t tied up in knots since (and I’m writing this just a few days short of a month later!)

I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same result, but I can confidently suggest that if you’re standing on your feet in one place for hours at a time (like when you’re making dinner, or working behind a counter) and you can “hide” a few pads to stand on – even if only for a few minutes here and there – you’ll be amazed by how wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing stimulation from the Soft Touch ScratchnAll pad is to the acupressure points in your feet!

If you’ve had reflexology or acupressure massage, you know that the cost of just ONE RELAXING SESSION is about $50-80.

The long lasting value of 4 SOFT TOUCH pads (average SRP $15.99 each) is clear. In just one relaxing session, these soft, stimulating and durable pads can pay for themselves – for years to come!

And if you or anyone you know suffers from diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, back pain, etc., this just might be a wonderful way to increase the blood flow to their feet and bring relief to their entire body…since acupressure points connected to every organ and system of the body are found in the feet. My suggestion is definitely not to be taken as medical advice – but you can count on it for being a proven, common sense way that one person (Me) has found a surprising amount of relief simply by doing a little thinking – outside the box!