Little Known Facts About Pigs

Mar 7th 2020

Did you know?.....

Below are some fun, interesting facts about pigs:

Pigs are incredibly smart – Their intelligence level is higher than some primates, dogs and even young human children.

Pigs are very social and form close bonds with each other and even with other animals.

Despite what you might think, pigs are very clean animals. They keep their washroom area far from their food. They have no sweat glands and can’t sweat – so they will roll in mud to keep cool. They prefer cooler temperatures.

Pigs sense of smell is approx. 2000 times more sensitive than a human’s.

A Pig’s snout is an amazing tool - they like to dig in the dirt to sniff out their food.

When trained, piglets can learn their names at just 2-3 weeks old. They learn to do tricks much faster than dogs.

Talk about an elephant never forgets- Pigs have excellent memories as well! They can remember objects for years.

Pigs are omnivores – meaning they will eat plants and other animals.

Relative to their body size – pigs have small lungs.

Pigs love to scratch and play with enrichment toys. They even enjoy relaxing and listening to music!