Why Animals Shed

Mar 30th 2021

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, hormonal changes in animals trigger the growth of thicker coats or “winter coats.” There are many benefits to winter coats besides added warmth such as changes of color to camouflage in the new seasonal weather such as snow. 

Animals can actually “puff” up their coats to add additional insulation and protect from snow, wind and rain. Have you ever seen a cow in the snow? The puffed up fur created a barrier to allow the snow to only sit on top of the hair without getting to the skin. Many horse owners will not blanket their horses due to this natural instinct. By not allowing the horse to puff their coat can cause them to be colder than being without a blanket. 

When the weather becomes warmer the animal’s hormones change once again and they begin to shed and lose their winter coat. Animals itch and will rub on various items such as logs, fence posts, trees and corners of barns to help take off their coats. Scratch N All scratch pads are a great addition to any object, even furniture to help your animal shed. Mount a scratch pad to trees, table legs, fence posts, stall doors etc. and watch your pets shed out that winter coat!