UPDATE to My Story – Homeopathic Remedies for Equine Heaves (COPD)

UPDATE to My Story – Homeopathic Remedies for Equine Heaves (COPD)

Jan 12th 2015

See First Posting on this story on blog from January 24, 2014

It has been a year since my first posting about Sundance, my mustang and friend who has now reached the age of 34.

I continued my regimen with him trying different remedies until I felt he really no longer needed them. No doubt that he has the heaves but he became “close” to normalizing. I continued to monitor his breathing, respiration and, often, his flared nostrils. Sundance’s cough disappeared for the summer and I was able to ride him occasionally at a walk and for an hour at times. The humidity became unbearable, even though I keep 3 fans at his stall, and he regressed. I was very vigilant during this period and saw that he was becoming very stressed and was laboring to breathe with flaring nostrils being a good indicator. I called the vet and he said “he needs help” which was no surprise to me. We discussed the different protocols and I decided to try clenbuterol, a broncho-dilater. Within 12 hours Sundance was nearly normal. I was thrilled with the results. I gave him only 2 more doses and stopped. During the next 2 months, I had to treat him 2 more times, on an as-needed basis ONLY, and then began giving him Bryonia Alba twice daily, 12 pellets each time. He responded beautifully and I continued with that for about 2 weeks. As of this writing, he is on no medicine or remedies at all nor has he been for about 3 months.

I bed with wood shavings but haven’t been happy with the amount of dust that is exuded. As we all know, dust is one of the main culprits and can exacerbate an already delicate situation. It’s impossible to remove dust from a barn unless the horse is kept in an environmentally controlled area but who has that? His hay is made wet by carrying water in a 2-gallon watering can to his hay-eating area which makes it easy to wet it and the water is hot in cold weather. I have a super setup and Sundance has always been able to go in and out at will. Keeping a horse out of the barn does makes a difference. I found a new bedding and am thrilled with it, Guardian Horse Bedding. Try it! It comes in small or large shavings BUT it is triple screened to remove most of the dust. I believe this has made a difference too and it costs no more, and is far better, than Tractor Supply.

I need to stress to you again that I am NOT prescribing anything but feel the need to share my experiences ONLY with the hope that you may find a protocol that will lend comfort to your horse.

Through the power of technology, I can see the history of visitors to this particular blog. I would so appreciate your comments. Thank you. I hope I’ve been able to help you and best of luck with your dear friend in fur. Our animals are ever so precious and treasured.

P.S. Clenbuterol is very expensive. I saved $60 when the vet wrote me a prescription and I ordered it from Valley Vet.