My Story – Homeopathic Remedies for Equine Heaves (COPD)

My Story – Homeopathic Remedies for Equine Heaves (COPD)

Jan 24th 2014

Sundance, the reason ScratchnAll was borne, has been diagnosed with COPD, sometimes referred to as “heaves.” Sundance is a 33-year old mustang, an absolutely exceptional horse, and my treasure. He deserves the best. Dust, as you probably already know, is a huge problem and he is free to come and go as he pleases. I have now begun shaking out all his hay prior to letting him eat. I keep a close watch on his nostrils to see if they are flared as this is a good indicator of greater effort being made to inhale. Also, check your horse’s resting respiration.

Sundance began coughing early last fall but the cough has become more frequent with greater intensity and it often sounds like he is gagging. I have been giving him Cough Free by Farnam but wasn’t getting the results I was hoping for. His cough subsided for quite some time but has again reared its ugly head and I began searching for alternatives.

I consulted with a homeopathic veterinarian and will share his recommendations. Please be specifically advised that I am not prescribing or even suggesting that you follow the protocol. I strongly encourage you to research and google these on your own prior to administering any remedy to familiarize yourself of the good and bad. I will keep you closely apprised of his progress so please check back often. There were 5 different suggested remedies that I will try if I don’t see results in 7-10 days of using each one, and one at a time. None of these are guaranteed to work but, to me, it’s worth a try. Where one may work for Sundance, another may work for your horse.

Every remedy carries the same dosage – 30C, 10 pills (they are the size of bb’s) 2 times daily. (20 a day) Sundance LOVES bananas and it’s so simple to just push a few into 3-4 chunks and drop it in with his feed. He gets a hot mash each meal and doesn’t even know they exist. The list is in the same order as the vet recommended and I began administering this last evening. As of this writing he has been given Pulsatilla 3 times.


#1 Pulsatilla (basic breathing difficulties)

#2 Antimonium tart (used for lung problems such as emphysema

#3 Bryonia Alba (helps to relieve asthmatic symptoms)

#4 Blatta Orientalus – (Offers some protection against broncho spasms)

#5 Lycopodium (encourages oxygen into the lung tissue)

I refer you to this link for more information. It mentions using hemp as bedding and while it’s more expensive, I am going to give it a try but it is difficult to locate.

Sundance’s demeanor is still excellent and, yes, after 5 years he, and the donkey, are still happily enriching themselves and scratching their faces, flanks, and chins on ScratchnAll. Please check out and “like” our Facebook page where you will find unadvertised specials (like Mad Monday) on Jan. 27 and Feb. 3.